How do I use SWIM SKIN?

After swimming, dry off and spray SWIM SKIN liberally all over your body and hair after swimming.  You can use it without showering and it completely eliminates the smell of chlorine.  It can also be used after showering to remove the residual chlorine that soap leaves behind.


How do I use SWIM HAIR?

Before and after swimming, spray SWIM HAIR liberally all over your locks.  SWIM HAIR will neutralise the chlorine on your hair and eliminate the smell.  It can be used before swimming as a protectant and afterwards for chlorine removal and re-hydration.


What is the difference between SWIM SKIN & SWIM HAIR?

SWIM SKIN is multi-purpose and can be used on your skin and hair.

SWIM HAIR is specifically designed for your hair, it contains Organic Jojoba Oil which helps fight the stripping agents found in swimming pools.  It will also help protect against the elements that are known for causing your colour treated hair to fade.

All products in SWIM HAIR are on the list of Curly Girl Method approved products.


Can I use SWIM HAIR on my skin?

Absolutely!  However… SWIM HAIR does contain 30% more oil hydrating oil than SWIM SKIN and could feel oily on your skin.


Can I use SWIM SKIN & BODY products on my child under 12 months?

Absolutely! All of our products are 100% plant based and safe for all skin types even new baby skin! When using it on babies, you can spray on your hands or clean cloth and wipe over their bodies. It is always recommended to test it on their skin first.


Do I need to have a shower as well as using SWIM SKIN or SWIM HAIR?

If you are only showering because of the chlorine then no, you do not need to shower.  SWIM SKIN and SWIM HAIR neutralise the chlorine and do not just ‘cover up’ the smell.


Can I use SWIM SKIN if I have sensitive skin?

SWIM SKIN has been tested on many types of skin, especially those with sensitive skin and eczema, with no adverse reactions.  However, as everyone’s skin is different, it is always important to test it on your skin first. 


Is SWIM SKIN ok to use on eczema?

SWIM SKIN has been tested on many different adults and children who suffer with eczema.  This includes my sister who has suffered with chronic eczema for most of her life. Yes, I made her go into the pool and use SWIM SKIN to test it for me (that’s what family is for!). She said “It made my skin feel really nice and normally I am really itchy, because of my eczema, but I was not itchy at all...”

There has been nothing but positive feedback on using SWIM SKIN on eczema, however it is always recommended to test it on your skin first.


The only ingredient I’ve never heard of is sunflower lecithin, what it is?

I wanted to make sure that SWIM SKIN was 100% natural which I’m sure you can understand was incredibly hard when trying to combat chlorine. I chose sunflower lecithin as the ingredient that allows SWIM SKIN to last for 8-10 months if stored correctly.


Why did you choose grapefruit essential oil? 

Pure grapefruit essential oil contains antibacterial properties and I love citrus scents so it was an easy choice.