I’m a swim teacher and so I’m in the pool a lot and as well as having dermatitis and rosacea so my skin is always irritated. Swim skin definitely helps protect my skin from the chemicals and is just an all round awesome product! Would definitely recommend to any swimmers or swim teachers!! Love love love!!  Jazlyn


This stuff is fab! I’ve been using it on myself and my boys after swimming lessons, swimming at our local pool and at the local splash pad and it’s SO good! It means no nasty chlorine smell, it’s moisturising, doesn’t leave us greasy and most importantly no desperate need for my kids to have a shower as soon as we get home! A little goes a long way too! Def recommend!  Angela


I initially bought SWIM SKIN to use on my two young daughters after their swimming lessons, then realised since I had to get in the water as well, I could give it a try. I have phases of terrible dermatitis and eczema so Chlorine and I do not get along.
This product is amazing and does everything is says! Not only did it remove that awful chlorine smell after the lessons but left all of our skin feeling wonderful moisturised. Normally after a lesson, my skin actually hurts and within an hour, inflames.... when I use SWIM SKIN, I get none of this! My skin felt hydrated, moisturised and definitely had no yuck smell.
My daughters (4 years old and 2 years old) loved it and could even apply it on themselves, it's so easy to use and requires no down time as it absorbs pretty much instantly.
I am also a hairstylist and can not stand the straw like texture that chlorine causes on our hair after swimming so I figured we would try a spritz of SWIM SKIN on how towel dried hair after class as well.... later that evening when it came time to wash our hair, our hair felt like we had a nourishing treatment through it.
I can not explain my love for this product! It is incredible.  Ash


Love using Swim Skin, being a swim instructor I get a fair bit of use out of it. I also have the hair wrap and wow I love it. I had a different one before getting this and it was useless but now with the swim skin one by the time I take it of it is just the right dryness for me to style my hair. I have also used it on time daughter and it has been a life safer no more dripping hair.
Thank you Swim Skin.  Sarah 

Purchased swim skin for my daughter for school swimming lessons and then remembered her best friend who was in a house fire when he was little ( more than 50% of his body has burn scars) so purchased a second bottle, well what can I say, my daughter (7) loves it and says it smells so nice, it has made swimming so much more enjoyable for her, now she doesn’t even want to shower after her normal swimming lessons (she’d rather spray and wait till we get home) I asked for feedback from my daughters best friends Mum, who said OMG, this stuff is awesome and smells great, so she is going to buy more for her family. My daughter packs her spray in her bag when she goes to her dads for the weekend ( every second weekend they do the swimming lessons with her) and their 3 year old son, so they tried it on him as he suffers with dry skin and hates swimming, now he spreads out like an eagle for his after swimming spray.  Safe to say the product is amazing and we will be lifelong customers ( Bring in summer time )

You have no idea how much your invention has changed so many lives for ever. A little 8 year old boy now loves going swimming because his burn scars don’t irritate him all day afterwards, my little girls loves the feel, the smell, her special bottle and the fact that it just makes everything about swimming that we don’t enjoy, a now enjoyable event ( after swimming changing is the pits, well it was the pits) and even a little 3 year old boy feels the difference, he now co operates with him mummy in the change room, just so he can get his special spray on.  Belinda


SWIM SKIN is amazing!! I’ve been using it for 3 weeks now and the smell of chlorine after working in the water is gone! I always used to smell the chlorine on my skin days later especially after playing sport but gone are the days. SWIM SKIN IS A WONDERFUL PRODUCT.  Danielle


I highly recommend this product! The formula works SO well, taking out the chlorine from my skin and the itchiness that comes with it! 100% natural, organic, and I'm lovin' it! Such a stellar product!  Anj

5 Children & Swimming Lessons have never been easier!  I wish I had this product years ago.  No chlorine smell or itchy skin just a few sprays then shower at home later and not at the pool!
Highly Recommend Swim Skin.  Carra

I swim before work everyday and not only hate showering at the local pool I always smell like chlorine..  After using swim skin for 2 weeks I’ll never shower at the local pool again!  Amazing product and much needed.  Chris


As a swimming teacher that’s in the water 5 days a week and is often in and out in one night, SWIM SKIN has helped so much with the smell, itchiness and overall feeling after you get out the water! I can’t go a day without it now. I couldn’t recommend SWIM SKIN enough to everyone that takes their kids swimming or swims themselves!  Logan


We used Swim Skin for the first time after swimming this week and went straight to a birthday party. There was no chlorine smell at all and made our busy day easier without having to shower after the pool or smell of chlorine at the birthday party. highly recommended.  Amy


Amazing product!! We have been lucky enough to try this product and it feels amazing and does exactly what it says it does. No chlorine smell and our skin felt amazing afterwards. Highly recommend this product.  Sarah


As a swim teacher, my skin is often left extremely itchy after shifts and stinking of chlorine. SWIM SKIN not only removes the chlorine smell but it’s extremely effective in stopping the itchiness. Cannot recommend SWIM SKIN more highly!  Joel


I have suffered from eczema all my life and have recently had to go to hydrotherapy. I hated that the chlorine made me itchy and I could smell it no matter how long I showered for. Since using Swim Skin I haven’t been itchy and the chlorine smell is gone. Couldn’t recommend this product enough.  Jess


Such a handy gentle product. We love using this regularly with each swim session :)  Dijana