What is SWIM SKIN? 

SWIM SKIN is the after swim spray that neutralises the residual chlorine left on your skin after swimming and eliminates the smell, leaving your skin moisturised and refreshed. It does not just cover up the smell, it is specifically formulated to neutralise the chlorine on your skin, which results in no more chlorine smell!

What are the benefits of SWIM SKIN?

Not removing chlorine after swimming can make your skin dry out, as it strips the natural, protective oils from your skin.  Chlorine is also a known irritant that can cause worse reactions if you have existing hypersensitivity.  Using SWIM SKIN, eliminates all these problems and rehydrates your skin, you can spray and go with confidence that your skin is chlorine free and moisturised.

Do I need to have a shower as well as using SWIM SKIN?

If you are showering to get warm, go for it!  If you’re showering to remove chlorine, skip it!  Water actually does nothing to remove chlorine, so this step is not necessary.  Save your time and simply dry off, SPRAY and GO!

Is SWIM SKIN ok to use on eczema?

SWIM SKIN has been tested on many different adults and children who suffer with eczema.  This includes my sister who has suffered with chronic eczema for most of her life. Yes, I made her go into the pool and use SWIM SKIN to test it for me (that’s what family is for!). She said “It made my skin feel really nice and normally I am really itchy, because of my eczema, but I was not itchy at all...”

There has been nothing but positive feedback on using SWIM SKIN on eczema, however it is always recommended to test it on your skin first.

Is SWIM SKIN 100% Natural and Vegan? 

All our products are made using 100% vegan ingredients.  As you can imagine chlorine is a tough chemical to combat, but what’s the point of combating chemicals with more chemicals?  I make sure that every product we make is 100% vegan so they are perfect for all ages and skin types.

How do I use SWIM SKIN?

After swimming, dry off and spray SWIM SKIN liberally all over your body.  SWIM SKIN immediately neutralises the chlorine on your skin and as a result eliminates the smell.  It also dries almost straight away, so by the time you’re finished spraying, you’re ready to get dressed and go!

Can I use SWIM SKIN on my child under 12 months?

Absolutely! All of our products are 100% plant based and safe for all skin types even new baby skin! When using it on babies, you can spray on your hands or clean cloth and wipe over their bodies. It is always recommended to test it on their skin first.

What are the ingredients used in SWIM SKIN?

 Ascorbic Acid:  Chlorine’s kryptonite, you may know it as Vitamin C.

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride:  A super light emollient that is easily absorbed by your skin & hair.

Distilled Water:  Water that has had all impurities and minerals removed.

Grapefruit Pure Essential Oil:  Not only smells delicious but also reduces inflammation & provides anti-bacterial benefits.

Sunflower Lecithin:  Especially effective at relieving irritated & dry skin.