About Me

My name is Kate, I am a swimming teacher and I love my job.  That pool is my happy place, it is so rewarding being able to teach kids such an important life skill.  Seeing them improve each week and reach their milestones is amazing.  I’m sure we all agree on the negative about swimming…chlorine.  It makes your skin dry, itchy; the smell is awful and so hard to get rid of.  


I am unable to have a proper shower after work, so leaving everyday with dry, itchy skin was far from ideal.  I started to develop dermatitis that I’d never had before.  I was finding that even after rinsing, the smell of chlorine was still there.  


Showering any child after swimming is a battle.  You pull your sleeves up, dance around the water while lathering up their hair and body, then try to wrap that slippery, wriggling body in a towel, while holding them further enough away from you, to avoid excess saturation.  All this while repeating “you can have something to eat as soon as we’re finished!”.  I have a 9 year old daughter and it is like she forgets how to function after her swimming lesson.  She has no interest in making the after swimming process easier for me in whatsoever.  


I made a list of what l wanted:

100% Natural ingredients - I have found body washes and shampoos that ‘remove’ chlorine, but what is the point of solving the problems of chlorine by adding chemicals?

Neutralised the chlorine on my skin – I needed a solution that ensured there was no chlorine residue left on my skin as it was causing dermatitis.

Eliminate the smell of chlorine – Chlorine stinks!

Be easy to use for kids and adults – I haven’t got time to have a 30 minute shower and use 17 different products.  And did you read about my daughter? 

Remove the need for a shower – The only reason we shower after swimming is to remove the chlorine.

Provide long term relief - Rinsing after swimming is a short term relief to the smell and effect of chlorine on your skin.

Leave my skin moisturised – This would be an added bonus.


I COULDN'T FIND IT, SO I MADE IT!  It took a lot of time and a lot of trial and error but I did it.  I actually still can’t believe I created this amazing product that really works.  I still smell my arm after spraying it every day to make sure it doesn’t smell like chlorine.

After using it for so long, I am so excited to be able to share it with you.