Products that PROTECT

This proactive step not only acts as a physical barrier against chlorine but also helps retain the skin's moisture and safeguards the hair's natural shine. It's an essential practice for any swimmer to create a safeguard against the detrimental impact chlorine can have on your skin cells and the absorption into your hair.

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Products that NEUTRALISE

The aftermath of chlorine exposure demands more than just a routine wash with soap and water. Chlorine forms bonds with both your skin and hair, creating a stubborn residue that can linger no matter how many showers you have. To effectively combat this issue, a specialised product enriched with Vitamin C is essential.

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Products to REHYDRATE

After swimming, it's crucial to replenish lost moisture due to chlorine leaving your skin and hair susceptible to dryness and potential damage. Rehydration is an essential step in your post-swim routine.  Apply these products to damp skin and hair to enhance absorption, ensuring effective rehydration.

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Bundle + Save

We've taken the hard work out of it with these specially curated bundles designed to combat chlorine effects and treat your skin and hair so well, no one will even be able to tell you're a swimmer.

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