Meet the Maker

meet the maker kate boyd swim skin & body


My name is Kate, I'm a swim teacher and proud Mum who suffers from anxiety and constant Mum Guilt!

I've loved swimming ever since I was young, growing up in Australia, summer equals swimming!  It's so rewarding to able to teach kids such an important life skill.  

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the problem

I started developing dermatitis from the chlorine. After each session, I was able to have a quick rinse, but not a proper shower - honestly, I didn’t have the time for proper shower.

Also, everyday at work I saw the battle of parents trying to shower their kids after swimming.  Pulling up their wet sleeves, dancing around the water whilst also lathering up their hair and body.

As a mum with an 11-year-old daughter – my daughter forgets how to function after her swimming lesson. She has no interest in making the after-swimming process easier… In fact, she goes from hungry to hangry in about 10 minutes so it’s also a time sensitive process.

 This is Abbey, she is my reason why...


a solution

I decided that I needed to buy a product to help, so I started goggling.  A simple google search will tell you that Vitamin C neutralises chlorine.  I thought, great, that sounds simple! Vitamin C powder is readily available and I can just mix it with water? Done! 


I then dug a little deeper and found it was actually not that easy. Vitamin C when mixed with water quickly becomes unstable and can oxidise within days depending on how it’s stored, which is a whole other issue. 

“Oxidation in water causes water-soluble vitamins and probiotics to degrade with time. Just as nails rust in damp air and apples turn brown when cut open, water soluble vitamins and probiotics degrade when exposed to water and oxygen.”

Vitamin C is also sensitive to UV light and therefore sunlight, it is also unstable over certain temperatures. It therefore needs to be kept cool and not be exposed to sunlight.  I know understand why I couldn’t find anything, who would ever try to make such a ridiculously sensitive product.

At this stage, it all seemed a bit too hard, I just wanted a solution to help fix my dermatitis and help make life a little easier.


more research

I kept hoping I would just find something, but I didn’t!  I thought, how is there not a product like this in the market?  This is a swimmers endless problem that we just put up with, when I was growing up, it was a 'suck it up' problem.  

It was time to get to work.  I had nothing else to do; I had just recently separated from my husband, quit my full time job with Victoria Police to be a Swim Teacher and was trying to work out how to be a single Mum on Centrelink.


What I wanted this product to be:

100% Natural ingredients - After hours of research, I found a lot of body washes and shampoos that ‘remove’ chlorine… But what is the point of removing chlorine and adding nasty chemicals?

Neutralised the chlorine on my skin - I needed to create a solution that ensured there was no chlorine residue left on my skin.

Eliminates the smell of chlorine - Chlorine stinks! So, I needed to create a product which was easy to use for kids and adults – we haven’t got time to have a 30-minute shower and use a heap of different products.

Removes the need for a shower - The main reason we shower after swimming is to remove the chlorine.

Provides long term relief - Rinsing after swimming is a short-term relief to the smell of chlorine on your skin.

Leaves my skin moisturised - This would be an added bonus!


introducing swim skin

It took a LOT of time and trial and error but SWIM SKIN was born.


original swim skin 

SWIM SKIN is a 100% natural product designed by a swimmer, for swimmers.

I still can’t believe I created this amazing product that really works. It’s ok to be sceptical, I still smell my arm after spraying it every time to make sure it works...It does!

After using it for so long myself, I am so excited to be able to share it with you.


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I hope you love it as much as I do!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


 Kate Boyd

Creator/Founder of SWIM SKIN + BODY