About Me

My name is Kate, I'm an ex-police officer turned swim teacher and a single Mum to Abbey, my 12 year old daughter.

I grew up swimming competitively from a young age and have always loved the water. Growing up in Australia, most memories I have are around water!  It's so rewarding to now be able to teach kids such an important life skill.  

Another thing to know about me is that I live every day with PTSD, ADHD, Chronic Anxiety and Depression. Why am I telling you this? This is an important part of me and my journey. I have lived with mental illness for over 15 years now and it is hard. Every. Single. Day. For anyone that suffers from any of these disorders please know that if I can do this, anyone can!

How It Started

I started developing dermatitis from the chlorine. After each session, I was able to have a quick rinse, but not a proper shower, there was no option.

Also, everyday at work I saw the battle of parents trying to shower their kids after swimming.  Pulling up their wet sleeves, dancing around the water whilst also trying to lather up a slippery little human.

My daughter forgets how to function after swimming. She has no interest in making the after-swimming process easier… In fact, she goes from hungry to hangry in about 10 minutes so it’s also a time sensitive process.

This is Abbey, she is my reason why!

More Research Needed

I kept hoping I would just find something, but I didn’t!  I thought, how is there not a product like this in the market?  This is a swimmers endless problem that we just put up with, when I was growing up, it was a 'suck it up' problem.  

It was time to get to work.  I had nothing else to do; I had just recently separated from my husband, quit a full time job with Victoria Police and was now a Swim Teacher, trying to work out how to be a single Mum on Centrelink.

I decided if I was going to make this product, that I may as well get exactly want, so I challenged myself + made a detailed list.

The List

100% Natural ingredients - I found a lot of body washes and shampoos that ‘remove’ chlorine with nasty chemicals.

Neutralised the chlorine on my skin - I needed to a solution that ensured there was no chlorine residue left on my skin.

Eliminates the smell of chlorine - Chlorine stinks! It needed to be easy to use for kids and adults – who has the time for a 30-minute shower?

Removes the need for a shower - The main reason we shower after swimming is to remove the chlorine.

Provides long term relief - Because rinsing after swimming does nothing to neutalise chlorine.

Leaves my skin moisturised - This would be an added bonus.

Introducing SWIM SKIN

After a LOT of time and trial and error SWIM SKIN was born. I was able to make a 100% natural product designed by a swimmer, for swimmers.

I still can’t believe I created this amazing product that really works. It’s ok to be sceptical, I still smell my arm after spraying it every time to make sure it works...It does! I hope you love it as much as I do!

Kate Boyd - Creator/Founder of SWIM SKIN + BODY

Contact me at kate@swimskinbody.com if you have any questions.