Frequently Asked Questions


SWIM SKIN is the after swim spray that neutralises the residual chlorine left on your skin after swimming and eliminates the smell, leaving your skin moisturised and refreshed.

It does not just cover up the smell, it is specifically formulated to neutralise the chlorine on your skin, which results in no more chlorine smell!

Not removing chlorine after swimming can make your skin dry out, as it strips the natural, protective oils from your skin.

Chlorine is also a known irritant that can cause worse reactions if you have existing hypersensitivity.

Using SWIM SKIN, eliminates all these problems and rehydrates your skin, you can spray and go with confidence that your skin is chlorine free and moisturised.

SWIM SKIN has been tested on many different adults and children who suffer with eczema.  This includes my sister who has suffered with chronic eczema for most of her life.

Yes, I made her go into the pool and use SWIM SKIN to test it for me (that’s what family is for!). She said “It made my skin feel really nice and normally I am really itchy, because of my eczema, but I was not itchy at all...”

There has been nothing but positive feedback on using SWIM SKIN on eczema, however it is always recommended to test it on your skin first.

After swimming, dry off and spray SWIM SKIN liberally all over your body.  SWIM SKIN immediately neutralises the chlorine on your skin and as a result eliminates the smell.

It also dries almost straight away, so by the time you’re finished spraying, you’re ready to get dressed and go!

Absolutely! All of our products are 100% plant based and safe for all skin types even new baby skin! When using it on babies, you can spray on your hands or clean cloth and wipe over their bodies. It is always recommended to test it on their skin first.


SWIM HAIR is the before and after swim spray that protects your hair from chlorine and salt water. It also re-hydrates and neutralises the chlorine in your hair.

The specifically chosen ingredients in SWIM HAIR protect your hair from the damage of chlorine and then refill it full of moisture after swimming.

It’s no surprise that chlorine is damaging to your hair; it removes its natural oils leaving it dry and brittle.

Regular exposure to chlorine can make your hair highly porous, which can cause your hair to break and develop split ends. If your skin is sensitive to chlorine, it can also result in an itchy and irritated scalp.

Using SWIM HAIR before swimming protects your hair from all these elements.

Then after swimming when reapplied, it instantly neutralises the chlorine the organic jojoba oil in SWIM HAIR and rehydrates your hair.

SWIM HAIR is an ultra fine, light weight mist that instantly neutralises chlorine on contact.
After swimming, spray SWIM HAIR liberally all over to instantly neutralise the chlorine, eliminate the smell and re-hydrate your hair.

Absolutely, removing the chlorine ASAP after swimming is an important step in maintaining healthy hair.
However, you also need to protect it from chlorine, so check out SWIM OIL to use before swimming!

For sure! All ingredients in SWIM HAIR are on the list of Curly Girl Method approved products.


SWIM OIL + SWIM BALM are our multi purpose barrier products for your skin and hair. They helping to shield it from chlorine absorption and reduce moisture loss.

Then when used after swimming they instantly restore moisture toy your hair and scalp and suppleness and elasticity to the skin.

The ingredients in SWIM OIL contain skin healing & regenerating properties. They are beneficial and extremely effective in the treatment of altered skin barriers. Their anti-inflammatory qualities assist with reducing itchy, dry and irritated skin.
When used on your hair before swimming, they exert conditioning properties that protect and prevent hair from damage as it absorbs quickly and penetrates into the hair follicles helping to hydrate and nourish the hair from the roots, keeping it soft, shiny and hydrated.

Dry oil refers to the rate at which oil absorbs into the skin, not the consistency of the oil itself. Dry oils offer the same moisturising benefits as wet oils, however they absorb into your skin within seconds of the application, without leaving a sticky residue on your skin or hair.


An after swim spray, specifically formulated to neutralise the chlorine on your swimwear & eliminate the damaging effects of chlorine & salt water.
It is the ideal solution to extend the life of your swim wear by maintaining the elasticity and vibrancy of the fabric.

Chlorine that is not washed away can eat away at your bathers, degrading the fabric, water alone will not remove chlorine or salt water. By removing the chlorine from your swimwear with SWIM WASH, you can gently eliminate the oils and chemicals before they can inflict damage on the gentle fibres of your bathing suit.

Absolutely not!  You may think
that the more time spent in any cleaning solution will help get your swimwear even cleaner, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Washing your swimwear in the washing machine can loosen the fibres of your swimwear.

How you wash your swimwear is incredibly important to preserve its
colour, shape, and lifetime.