Cath Collis




CC or Coach


Red Dog Triathlon Training

Fav event/distance to swim

Being a triathlete I like swim, bike and…. But swimming would be the best done with Pull and Paddles!! Any distance

Top achievements

Sporting wise I do like being on the podium. I don't start there when the race starts, I don’t think about it when the race starts, I just swim, bike and run. The achievements come from pushing boundaries and NEVER giving up. National, state and club level representative- winner over a multiple of distances though wrap my resume.
Personal wise- being a mum- TOP ACHIEVEMENT

Biggest Inspiration

My mum, her courage, work ethic and never ending love, time and patience with me. My dad, his love, support and never ending stories….
My kids…. They inspire me to be my best!

Goals over next 12 months

To Qualify!!!!
2022 is about the foundations
2023 is about qualifying for Long Course World Champs. Have already secured the 70.3 qualification.
2024… Podium at the Long course worlds and 70.3 world champs…
Wear the green and gold…. Be on that podium!!!

Favourite Quote

Never really have one. What ever I need at a given time comes as a quote- either personally composed or an actual quote 😏

Favourite Product

The JUMPER cause the jumper is super warm and the trucker keeps me sun safe… and I may not need to do my hair 🤣

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