Jessie Garbanzo

Jessie Garbanzo


Jessie Garbanzo




University of Queensland SC

Favourite event/Distance to swim

I love all the backstroke events but strangely enough I can’t get enough of the 100 and especially the 200 back (I know call me crazy). I do also enjoy the occasional sprint events in fly and free but backstroke is where it’s at

Top achievements so far

I think one of the main ones is being courageous enough to come back to swimming after 6 months and training super hard for three months with another club to go to nationals (which I’m so excited to go !) of course we also have the Pb’s and making a few medals in the sprint champs but coming back and making it to nationals in time is something is proud of for sure

Goals for the next 12 months

I think I would definitely like to grab a medal in the state championships in December for the first time and win another few in the short course season 😁 aim high! 

Favourite quote

I would say either “It is what it is” cause I’m all about the stress free life 😎, or a more serious one like “Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations”

Favourite SWIM SKIN + BODY product/s

By far the SWIM SKIN SPRAY! I apply it religiously after training. Makes me feel all moisturised and feeling goooodddd for the day (plus smells delicious)
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