Jordan Klos


Jordan Klos






Trinity Aquatics Club

Favourite event/Distance to swim

800m Freestyle

Top achievements so far

My biggest achievements are making the regional team, coming top 5 at regionals for both School swimming and club championships, competing at QLD state swimming in multiple events and coming away with medals for freestyle and backstroke events (my favourite) at multiple comps!!

Biggest Inspiration

MY swimming friends- they push me the most and are the strongest and best humans on the planet!

Goals for the next 12 months

Making Australian Age nationals and finals at Queensland States.

Favourite quote

“Don’t count laps, make every lap count!”

It may seem basic but it definitely motivates me and is very relatable.

Favourite SWIM SKIN + BODY product/s

My Swim Skin Hoodie - Super comfy and practical for cold mornings at training.
I use it the most especially when training in winter!! 

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