Lauren Bradley


Lauren Bradley






Ettalong Pelicans

Favourite event/Distance to swim

I don’t have 1 favourite, but I am a Backstroker. And I also love an IM, have been favouring the 800IM & 400IM when they are in a program that I can do!

Top achievements so far

Leaving the Australian Masters National Championships with 8 medals, and 8 massive PB’s!

Biggest Inspiration:

Always loved Susie O’Neill when I was a kid growing up. I also love watching Emma McKeon. I love to swim & show my kids that fitness at any age is achievable, and the reward of hard work does pay off, just never give up!

Goals for the next 12 months

To complete my first 1 million metres of swimming. I started this in 2018, and I have only 150,000metres to go!

Favourite Quote

"Still the same girl, with the same name, just a different mindset & a new game”

Favourite SWIM SKIN + BODY product/s:


I’ve used more of the hair one recently, but am obsessed with both!  Because it works! Swimming up to 5 times a week, no number of showers or body wash will remove Chlorine. But one spray of the hair or skin spray, and I smell like a normal person again 😊


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