Louise Biggs


Louise Biggs






Freo Triathlon Club

Favourite event/Distance to swim

Denmark Southern Ocean Classic Mile - great atmosphere - nice challenging swell and interesting conditions,  Busso Jetty - beautiful clear waters with so much to see, stingrays, crabs, fish!

Top achievements so far

Rotto solo in 2020, longest 9 hours of my life! But got the number plates!!

Biggest Inspiration

The polar bears who swim everyday rain hail or shine!

Goals for the next 12 months

Full Ironman, Busso December 2022!

Favourite quote

Not really a quote - but I always remind myself that the hard part is getting started, then you always feel better during/after

Favourite SWIM SKIN + BODY product/s

A great staple to keep in the swim bag for a quick all over spray after jumping out of the pool to help with my skin feeling hydrated and reducing itchiness.

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