What's In My Swim Bag?

I swim around 12hrs a week and spend a whole day competing at different pools across the Gold Coast. This means I have to unpack and repack my swim bag almost everyday.


On my average training morning or afternoon swim, I always make sure I have:

  • My 3 favourite swimmers (so I can rotate them and always look fresh and different from the last day)
  • 2 caps and 2 goggles (always make sure you have a spare just in case a pair break).
  • My toiletries section which includes enough supply for all the girls to use of course!, a tooth brush and half of my skin care routine; so I look ready for the day after early morning trainings.
  • I never forget my Swim Skin and Swim Hair. I prefer to apply my Swim Skin and Swim Hair after training and share it with my friends. We all enjoy how easy it is to use and how it helps protect our hair and skin- especially from smelling like chlorine 24/7. 


As for competition days:

  • I like to take my mini swim hair as it is the perfect size to take with me and doesn’t make my hair slide out from my cap (which used to happen a lot).
  • I also include 2 bikinis tops that match my race-suit for warm up, and to stay comfy when not racing, and two pairs of training swimmers, so I have back up if my suit rips (has happened before).
  • I always ALWAYS have snacks – more than enough for 3 meals for my entire swim team and plenty of water.
  • I also like to bring my speaker! When not racing I like to chat with my friends, listen to music
  • And always apply sunscreen


Some extra tips for what else to pack for swim competitions:

  • Always have a substantial amount of food and drinks packed. 
  • Make sure you have spares as anything could happen.
  • Make sure to bring your favourite Swim Skin & Body products to keep you skin and hair fresh and healthy.


Written by Jordan Klos

Follow Jordan on Instagram @jordan.klos

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