Who Needs A Shower Anyway?

Swimming pool showers are unpredictable at best and too predictable at worst. What alternative is there? Go home smelling of chlorine. A pungent, irritating, stench that inhibits your nostrils for hours. Or spinning the wheel of fortune and leaving your shower time to fate and some cynical pool shower builders, who are sitting in their office chairs cackling uncontrollably at the thought of all the people frantically trying to shower in under 4 minutes, not to save water, but to save their bodies from vicious shower heads.

The Dribbler 
The Nipple Piercer 
The Hottie 
The Barely Lasts a Minute 
The Can’t Decide Whether We’re On or Off 
The Freeze 

I’ve had them all. 

Multiple times. 

And yet I keep going back for more, even though I have the perfect one at home.

My husband and I travel. A lot. Regional New South Wales and Queensland. Inland and beach side. We spend weeks at a time in our van and often the only time we shower is when we go to a local pool, hence the intimacy we have with swimming pool showers. 

I have a mental checklist, a rating system ranking public swimming pool showers on their skin prickling, warmth sapping, dribbly heads or forceful sprays. Do I get the luxury of somewhere to put my bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash, or is everything on the floor mixing with the pee of the person who does it in the shower and not the toilet cubicle next door?

Do I at least get a hook on the door to hang my clothes, or do I walk out into the open change room and share it with the rolls of stomach flab and dangly butt cheeks of the women who are lucky enough to swim in the middle of the day when there are no children around?

What surprise is going to greet me at this country pool, where I’ve paid the grand total of $2 (or in the case of some pools, nothing!) to swim AND shower?

To be honest, this little checklist is the thing that keeps me sane. It diverts my attention from the capricious shower heads and modern open walled change rooms. I mean, seriously! Who designed these buildings that allow the wind to swirl through and make you cold no matter how hot the water is. Is this their way of also getting rid of the chlorine smell?

Well, I’ve got a better idea...


The after swim sprays that not only eliminate the chlorine smells but moisturise, nourish and revitalise my skin and hair.

SWIM SKIN and SWIM HAIR means I can dodge those nasty showers and not go home with stinging skin and smelly hair. A quick spray all over and voila, lovely soft, fresh smelling hair and skin without even having to waste a drop of water!

Actually, I’ve got an even better idea! Install some SWIM SKIN or SWIM HAIR with its natural ingredients including grapefruit or lemon essential oils in the shower dispensers. Imagine that luxury! A shower that warms you AND gets rid of the chlorine odour, because eventually we do have to have a shower.

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