What is SWIM HAIR?
SWIM HAIR is the before and after swim spray that protects your hair from chlorine and salt water. It also re-hydrates and neutralises the chlorine in your hair. The specifically chosen ingredients in SWIM HAIR protect your hair from the damage of chlorine and then refill it full of moisture after swimming.

What are the benefits of SWIM HAIR?
It’s no surprise that chlorine is damaging to your hair; it removes its natural oils leaving it dry and brittle. Regular exposure to chlorine can make your hair highly porous, which can cause your hair to break and develop split ends. If your skin is sensitive to chlorine, it can also result in an itchy and irritated scalp.  Using SWIM HAIR before swimming protects your hair from all these elements.

Then after swimming when reapplied, it instantly neutralises the chlorine the organic jojoba oil in SWIM HAIR and rehydrates your hair.

Do I need to have a shower as well as using SWIM HAIR?
If you are showering to get warm, go for it! If you’re showering to remove chlorine, skip it! Water actually does nothing to remove chlorine, so this step is not necessary. Save your time and simply towel dry your hair, SPRAY and GO!

Is SWIM HAIR 100% Natural and Vegan?
All our products are made using 100% vegan ingredients. As you can imagine chlorine is a tough chemical to combat, but what’s the point of combating chemicals with more chemicals?  I make sure that every product we make is 100% vegan so they are perfect for all ages and skin/scalp types.

How do I apply SWIM HAIR?
Before swimming, spray SWIM HAIR liberally all over your hair for protection from the chlorine.⁠ After swimming, spray SWIM HAIR liberally all over your hair to neutralise chlorine, eliminate the smell and re-hydrate your locks.