What is SWIM WASH?

SWIM WASH is specifically formulated to neutralise the chlorine on your swimwear & eliminate the damaging effects of chlorine & salt water.  It is the ideal washing solution to extend the life of your swim wear by maintaining the elasticity and vibrancy of the fabric.

Why should you use SWIM WASH?

Chlorine that is not washed away can eat away at your bathers, degrading the fabric, water alone will not remove chlorine or salt water.  By washing your swimwear after every wear with SWIM WASH, you can gently eliminate the oils and chemicals before they can inflict damage on the gentle fibres of your bathing suit. It’s also incredibly easy, because no one wants to do washing!

Is SWIM WASH 100% Natural and Vegan?

All our products are made using 100% vegan ingredients.  As you can imagine chlorine is a tough chemical to combat, but what’s the point of combating chemicals with more chemicals?  I make sure that every product we make is 100% vegan, even our washing solution. 

How do I use SWIM WASH?

Dissolve 2 scoops of SWIM WASH into 2 litres of luke warm water. Add your swimwear & completely saturate them in the solution. Give them a 'swish, swash' around, then a quick rinse & done. Ensure the bag is fully sealed after each use. 

Do I soak my swim wear in SWIM WASH?

You may think that the more time spent in any cleaning solution will help get your swimwear even cleaner, right? Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Soaking your swimwear can loosen the fibres of your swimwear. With SWIM WASH, your swimwear only needs to be in the water for a couple of minutes.  How you wash your swimwear is incredibly important to preserve its colour, shape, and lifetime. 

Can I use SWIM WASH in the washing machine?

Washing your swimwear in the washing machine can be harmful to your swim wear and lead to unappealing stretching and sagging over time.  The washing machine can agitate your swimwear and damage it rather than improving its appearance. When your swimwear is put into a washing machine, the elastic fibers of the bathing suit material are stretched, strained, and broken down, which can leave your swimwear ill-fitting over time.

What are the ingredients used in SWIM WASH?

Ascorbic Acid:  Chlorine’s kryptonite, you may know it as Vitamin C.

Sodium Bicarbonate:  Helps your bathers, swimmers or togs, keep their vibrant colour.

Sodium Carbonate:  Softens the water you wash your clothes in so the other ingredients can do their thing. 

Sweet Orange 100% Pure Essential Oil:  Adds a cleaning boost to your wash and smells delicious.