The Best 15 Products For Swimming in Australia

Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do for your body and mind. With Australia’s many beaches and swimming spots, it’s easy to get your daily swim in. But before you head out for a swim, make sure you have the right gear to make your swimming experience more enjoyable. In this blog post, we’ll share the best 15 products to use when swimming in Australia.

1.  Amanzi Zesty Tie Back One Piece

Here at Swim Skin & Body, we really like the design of this Amanzi swimsuit. With a flattering one piece and with a classic scoop neck, thin straps and a tie back, we think this is one of the best products when swimming in Australia.

2.  Vorgee Centre Snorkel

If you’re planning on swimming in Australia, you can’t go wrong with the Vorgee Centre Snorkel. They’re perfect for keeping your head still in the water and for learning how to swim and for swimming in the ocean

3.  DMC Swim Original Fins Green & Charcoal

Whether you’re a speed demon or a swimming beginner, our choice for fins (when swimming in Australia) are the DMC Swim original fins. Their unique edge helps to grip the water and allows you to swim faster, making them a great choice for when swimming in Australia.

4.  Engine Shredskin Pro Jammers

For all the boys out there looking for some competitive jammers, we highly recommend the Engine Shredskin Pro Jammers. The unique fabric helps with compression, speed and muscular support, making them a great choice when simming in Australia.

5.  Speedo Unisex Logo Deck Coat

Keep warm and dry when you’re out of the water with this Speedo parka coat. Made with a very cozy fleece and a water resistant design, we think this is a fantastic product when it comes to swimming in Australia.

6.  Speedo Elite Pullbuoy

Probably one of our favourite training aids, we simply love using this product when it comes to regular solo swims and swimming lessons (for all levels). The Speedo elite pullbuoy is a great way to increase your strength and stamina and is a fantastic product when swimming in Australia.

7.  FISKI Ceinwen Roberts Signature Series

Ceinwen Roberts is an elite swimmer based in Western Australia, Ceinwen has completed a whopping 19 solo rottnest swims and even swum the English Channel Crossing (back in 2013). It’s no wonder the folks at FISKI released a Ceinwen signature series, a true inspiration to all swimmers and another amazing (open water) pair of swim goggles perfect for when swimming in Australia.


OK, we might be slightly biased here, but when it comes to swimming in Australia, we’ve all focused (as a small business) to be innovative and create natural swimming products (without any hidden/artificial nasties) for swimmers. So whether you call them bathers, swimmers, togs, or cossie’s SWIM WASH is for you!  It’s also a perfect solution for your tri-suits and other training gear that needs some special treatment.

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Our second official product, SWIM HAIR SPRAY was made to protect your hair from chlorine. We made this product because the salt water strips the natural oils from your hair, causing it to become dry and brittle.  So when it comes to your post swim (in the pool or ocean), we think this product is perfect for swimming in Australia. Bonus fact - it also helps to neutralise the chlorine and rehydrates your hair.

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The OG at Swim Skin and Body, our SWIM SKIN SPRAY has been used by thousands of passionate doers who enjoy swimming in Australia. For those that don’t know, SWIM SKIN is the after-swim spray that neutralises the residual chlorine on your skin and eliminates the smell, leaving your skin moisturised and refreshed. Skip the shower and save time, simply dry off, SPRAY and GO!

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11.  TYR Apollo HTS Sunglasses

We all know the rays of the Australian sun can be damaging to your skin and your eyes, that’s why we love the TYR Apollo HTS sunglasses. Created with UV400 technology, we think this is a fantastic (post swim product) for people who like swimming in Australia.

12.  TYR Dry Off Sports Towels Small

TYR’s Dry Off Sport Towel was created specifically for swimmers and divers. And here at Swim Skin & Body, we know that if you’re swimming in Australia, a good towel is essential! That’s why we love what the folks at TYR are doing!

13.  In-Water Tow Float Buoy

If you’re an open water swimming and/or triathlete, do we have the product for you! The Sportnenergy In-water tow float/buoy was made for those who need a little bit of extra support during their swims. And if you’re swimming in Australia, our friends at the Aqua shop have them available for sale online nationwide!

14.  TYR Women's Torque Elite Swimskin

For all our female friends who are elite swimmers, we highly recommend trying the TYR Women’s Torque Elite Swimskin. This competition grade product is perfect for females who enjoy swimming in Australia, and we can’t recommend the quality enough from TYR.

15.  Phelps Strength Hand Paddles

If you have heard of Michael Phelps, you seriously need to check out his amazing olympic swimming results! In fact, Phelps has his own line and brand of products and one that we absolutely adore is his strength hand paddles which are available online and simply perfect for anyone swimming in Australia.

Thanks for reading about the best 15 products to use when swimming in Australia:

Overall, we hope you’ve found this blog useful for when it comes to swimming in Australia. We personally think these are the best 15 products to use, and if you have some more suggestions, we’d love to hear from you and add them to the list!

Let us know in the comments; what are your favourite swimming products?

Blog Post Article Written By: Steve Barko Digital Marketing

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